Wednesday Addams is up to something fishy.

In the new trailer for Wednesday, premiering this fall on Netflix, the beloved story of the Addams Family gets a modern twist. But don’t fret—Wednesday, played by Jenna Ortega, certainly hasn’t lost her edge.

“Miss Addams, you’ve certainly had a very interesting educational journey,” a voiceover says in the trailer, as Wednesday walks the halls of Nancy Reagan High School. “Eight schools in five years.”

After entering into the school’s pool area where a water polo practice is underway, a player tells Wednesday, “Hey freak, this is a closed practice.”

Wednesday, clearly with a vendetta on her mind, does not take kindly to the wise words of the jock, as she responds, “The only person who gets to torture my brother is me.”

That’s when Wednesday holds up two bags filled with piranhas and unleashes them into the pool.

“I did the world a favor,” Wednesday says. “People like Dalton shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. Getting expelled was just a bonus.”

Make that nine schools in five years!

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