Sigourney Weaver will never forget Ray Liotta‘s charm.

Days after the Emmy winner’s tragic passing, his Heartbreakers co-star is honoring his memory. “Ray’s lovesick gangster, Dean, is the real heartbreaker in Heartbreakers,” Weaver, referring to Liotta’s on-screen character in the 2001 film, told People. “Loaded with charm and physical ease, Ray was a natural in comedy and just a doll to work with. We had such a good time.”

Liotta’s rep confirmed to E! News on May 26 that the Goodfellas actor had passed away at the age of 67. At the time, Liotta had been in the Dominican Republic filming his new movie Dangerous Waters and died in his sleep.

In Sigourney’s statement, she noted that although Liotta “may not be known primarily for his comic chops,” he “brought impeccable timing and wit to everything he did.”

“A true original and a lovely guy,” she concluded, “gone much too soon.”

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