Jack Osbourne will make you want to keep your feet on the ground.

Osbourne will be back on Discovery+ in September with another Night of Terror special and, in an E! News exclusive preview, it’s clear that that the show is very appropriately titled. 

In the clip, Osbourne is seen holding binoculars and a laser pointer looking into the distance where he sees an unusual figure that he says “freaked me out.”

He continues, “Someone’s walking over there. Who’s over there?” Clearly frightened, Jack speaks to a producer behind the camera and shouts, “What is that?” 

The producer is rendered speechless and can only muster a response of, “Uhhh.”

Osbourne has a moment of relief assuming it was someone from their crew, before realizing that was not the case declaring, “Now they’re running. Holy sh-t dude, he just walked over the ridge.” 

What in the UFO is going on here? 

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