There are two Will Smiths in the public eye right now. One of them is a famous actor, and the other plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball. Apparently, both Smiths love slapping things. The actor has a preference for hitting comedian Chris Rock, whereas the ball player likes hitting baseballs out of ballparks. That’s exactly what he did on Wednesday night against the Chicago White Sox.

Smith came up to bat for his first time in this game with two outs and a runner on first. Johnny Cueto was pitching for the White Sox. He owns a 2.92 earned-run average over 24.2 innings so far this season. Going into the at-bat, Smith had hit six home runs on the season, two of which have come in his last 10 games. He didn’t wait around in this at-bat. He took Cueto’s first offering and drilled it to deep left field. It was a no-doubter.

“[Will Smith] was all over this one.” – @ MLB

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the slap heard around the baseball world.

Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith smacks a home run against the Chicago White Sox, jokes abound on Twitter

Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith smacked a two-run home run in the top of the first inning of Wednesday night's game against the Chicago White Sox.
Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith smacked a two-run home run in the top of the first inning of Wednesday night’s game against the Chicago White Sox.

This fan didn’t waste any time making the joke everyone was thinking about. When a Will Smith slaps something, it makes the news. That’s a simple fact.

Everyone derided the actor Will Smith after he slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony, but Los Angeles Dodgers fans are loving this slap by their catcher. This fan says he’s “making the slap proud.”

Will Smith will smithed that ball. He is making the slap proud#Dodgers

The GIFs were truly the star of this show on Twitter. This fan shared a nodding reaction from Chris Rock.

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Here’s a GIF of the actor Will Smith saying “oh slap” in his old sitcom, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

This user hilariously compared the Chicago White Sox in this scenerio to Chris Rock. After all, they were on the recieving end of a Will Smith slap. It makes sense.

To give proper credit, this fan is quoting what Chris Rock said after he was slapped at the Oscars. However, his words work excellently in this context.

This user had to specify which Will Smith he was talking about.

God bless Will Smith (catcher for the Dodgers) That man is different

This Los Angeles Dodgers fan just wants the baseball world to stop making Will Smith slap jokes.

Longing to return to a world where Will Smith, the Dodger, is more sick and tired of hearing “Wild Wild West” jokes than slap jokes.…

But that’s not likely. They’ll resurface every time he hits a home run this season.

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