Sharing her admiration for the “Malibu” singer, Anne continued, “Her ability to get out on stage and sing acapella. That would be the way that I would see a pure, pure artist engaging with the world with the best time they could ever possibly have. That’s why Miley and I think she’s a f–king great actress.”

As for Kristen, Anne said that the Frozen actress helped her get nominated for her second Emmy after they shared the screen in the 2004 movie, Gracie’s Choice.

“She and I played mother and daughter in a Lifetime movie years ago,” Anne said. “And Kristen, again, felt like a reflection to me. Her ability to tell a story, do it through joy, do it with her personality, charm, gorgeous timing, and humor. I see myself a lot in her. I don’t think it’s any mistake that I played her mom, and now I want her to play me.”

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